Roof Coating

roof coating

Roof Coating

Looking for an efficient way to increase your roof’s life expectancy? A roof coating system may be the answer to your needs. When it is applied, your roof’s performance and functionality will be restored! Want to mitigate future costly repairs, as well? Our roof coating systems will take care of that while delaying accelerated roof aging with their premium, reflective, UV-resistant surface. Over the long run, your roof will pay for itself with energy savings – let us help you convert your roof from worn-down protection to a valuable, energy-efficient asset! Call us at 214.932.3455 to request a professional roof estimate and we’ll discuss how we can solve your problems.

Other Roof Coating Advantages

Industry studies show that as many as 70-80% of roofs are prematurely replaced. Before you assent to getting your roof replaced, it’s advisable to see if a coating system may be viable. In fact, a roof coating system can be more cost-efficient than a complete roof replacement. Here are a few ways they differ:

Roof Replacement
  • Expensive roof tear-off
  • High labor costs
  • Costly disposal
  • Landfill use expenses
  • High costs for new materials
  • Costly operational disruptions


Roof Restoration
  • No disruptive roof tear-off
  • Lower labor costs
  • Fewer materials to dispose
  • No landfill fees
  • Lower material costs
  • Less costly disruption

The amount saved when investing in a roof coating system can be in the tens of thousands of dollars range. You also save time and money due to fewer business disruptions compared to a roof replacement.

Flat Roof Replacement Solutions

With 10+ years of roofing & general contracting experience, LB Commercial Roofing is a quality-driven contractor. Our team is dedicated to providing premium workmanship, service, and experience to each and every client. Here are some advantages when you choose a roof coating system:

Roof Coating Benefits
  • Creates a seamless, waterproof membrane over old roof
  • Full adhesion means no fasteners or adhesives
  • Effective solution for roofing problems
  • Increases roof’s life expectancy
  • Prevents leaks & condensation within roof structure
  • Up to Class A fire resistance & Class “4” impact resistance
  • Great durability and tensile strength
  • Expands and contracts with temperature changes
  • UV-ray resistance delays
  • ENERGY STAR ® certified
  • Reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays
  • Up to 30% A/C cost savings
  • With maintenance, can be recoated for increased lifespan

LB Commercial Roofing proudly offers no-dollar-limit warranty options on our roofing systems. If a coating system isn’t viable, we will be glad to cover and discuss your other options to fix your problems. Call us!

Roof Coating Service Estimate

LB Commercial Roofing is committed to providing attentive, professional customer service. Call us today to request an on-site roof analysis. Once you contact us and schedule an appointment, an associate will visit your location and evaluate your roof’s current condition. During this time, they’ll carefully evaluate your roof and diagnose its troubles. This allows us to provide accurate, tailored solutions for your roof’s specific needs. Call us to schedule a convenient appointment for a professional roof survey and estimate today!

Call us at 214.932.3455 to schedule a roofing consultation. We look forward to the possibility of serving you!

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