Rubber Roof Repair Mesquite TX


Are you in search of professional rubber roof repair services for your building? Is your facility located in the Mesquite, Texas area? If so, LB Commercial Roofing can be of assistance! With years of hands-on experience in commercial roofing, we provide quality solutions at a reasonable price. No matter the repair needed, we’ve got you covered!

LB Commercial Roofing is prepared and ready to bring your roof back to quality performing standards with our experience, knowledge, and an array of various services and solutions. Contact the experts at LB Commercial Roofing today at (214) 932-3455. We are here to restore your rubber roof and increase your energy savings!

Advanced Rubber Roof Repair Solutions

Has your roof experienced any sort of damage? Are the natural elements putting a damper on your roof’s performance? Your rubber roof can be over exposed to the elements, which will cause damage. The professionals at LB Commercial Roofing can assist you in tackling all of your advanced roofing issues.

We specialize in solving the following roofing problems:


  • Standing water
  • Storm damage
  • Peeling roof membrane
  • Damaging UV rays
  • Cracks and bubbles
  • Shoddy repairs made my previous contractors
  • Poor roof drainage
  • Roof shrinkage
  • Condensation under the roof membrane
  • Extensive aging and weathering
  • And even more roofing issues!

If your rubber roof has encountered any of these issues, contact us today. We are expertly trained in a complete array of repair, roofing, and waterproofing solutions. Call us today to request a professional roof estimate!

Roof Repair Technology

On-Site Estimates 214.932.3455

Roof coatings can maximize the expected lifespan of your roof and increase it’s performance. Rubber roof coatings add an additional layer of protection for your current roof. This system addresses and prevents leaks while also cutting down on expensive energy costs.

If your rubber roof is experiencing any sort of issues, our trained team of technicians will address these issues immediately. Our trained team members have had many years of experience in the industry so you can rely on us to come through with premium roofing solutions. Call us today for a repair estimate! You can also speak with one of our representatives who would be more than happy to talk to you about the benefits of our roof coating systems.

Rubber Roof Repair Estimates

Regardless of what the repair needed may be, LB Commercial Roofing can provide top-notch solutions for each of our clients’ projects. Contact us today to schedule a professional on-site roof assessment and estimate. We’ll visit your location, evaluate your roof’s condition, and present a list of the most suitable solutions based on your roof’s unique needs.

Don’t hesitate! Call us at (214) 932-3455!