Roof Inspection Mesquite, TX

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LB Commercial Roofing provides roof inspections for commercial roofs that are located in or around Mesquite, Texas. We are a roofing company that focuses on premium service & quality for your satisfaction. Our maintenance and inspection programs will not only keep your repair costs low, but can also add years of life to your existing roof.

Brutal weather can do some serious damage to your roof, as well as time itself. As time goes on, your roof becomes more vulnerable, and can experience unforeseen damage if a maintenance program is not being used. With our routine inspections, you can be sure that hidden damages are spotted early on, thus saving you time and money. If you’re commercial roof needs an inspection, let LB Commercial Roofing be the one to save you money. Call us today at 270-363-1825.

Value of a Roof Inspection

Roofs that do not undergo routine inspections and maintenance only make it to one-third or one-half of their potential lifespan. Our inspection services can extend the life of your roof, and offer these advantages:

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  • Reduces repair costs due to early fixes of small problems
  • Documents the roof’s condition
  • Helps with insurance claims
  • Stabilizes general liability insurance costs
  • Maximizes your return on investment

Whether you own a factory, office building, or a warehouse, LB Commercial Roofing can handle your commercial roofing project. Call us today to learn more about how our inspection programs can save you money!

Comprehensive Commercial Roof Inspections

The experts at LB Commercial Roofing can help you prevent severe, costly damages from occurring on your roof.

During our inspections, we thoroughly examine the following:

  • Ridges, drip edges & caps
  • Water-draining equipment
  • HVAC units, vents, roof valleys, chimneys, piping & roof penetrations
  • Flashings & other roof-related features

On top of this, we also check for roof movement. As temperatures fluctuate, your roof can contract and expand, which causes components to shift. This movement causes entryways for water and other problems. To learn more about our in-depth, thorough inspections, contact us today.

Reason for Commercial Roof Inspection Services

Experts in the industry highly recommend that your roof be inspected at least twice a year. However, these situations may call for roof inspections as well:

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  • Severe storms with hail
  • Abundant snowfall
  • Strong winds
  • Excessive foot traffic

If you have experienced any of these events or anything else that could cause the need for roof inspections, call the specialists here at LB Commercial Roofing for assistance. One of our specialists will come and provide an expert opinion on your roof’s current condition.

Roof Inspection Professionals

LB Commercial Roofing is a veteran-owned company that is proud of the service we provide to all of our customers. With our premium solutions and workmanship, you can count on us for any roofing project. Whether you are in need of an inspection, or a maintenance program, give us a call today. We look forward to serving you!

Why wait? Call us today at 270-363-1825 to schedule a roof inspection, or to learn more about the benefits of our inspection and maintenance programs.