Best Options For Flat Roof Replacements

It is a well-known fact that having a leaking roof is inevitable as long as you have a roof over your head. The likelihood of this happening increases especially if your roof is flat or close to it. This is simply because water doesn’t flow well on a flat roof surface and as such is able to find breaks in it.  Flat Roof Replacement Options When situations like this occur, the need for roof replacement arises, and there are lots of flat roof replacement options available to choose from. Let’s check out some of them below. Built-Up-Roof Also known as BUR, Built-up-roofs are a combination of gravel roof system and hot tar which has been around for ages. This roofing material is very affordable compared to other flat roof replacement options. Furthermore, it has good fire retarding properties. EPDM The similarities between these two types of roof are very glaring, although they also possess individual qualities. However, it is safe to discuss them together without confusion or misinformation. EPDM is easily one of the most widely used options for flat roof replacement in the United States alone courtesy of its affordable price tag, quick installation, and durability. One particular feature which has endeared it to many homeowners is its “Green” nature. EPDM is made from recycled materials and have a long life expectancy period, which makes them suitable for the environment. Modified Bitumen Modified bitumen has striking similarities to asphalt roofs; the only difference is the addition of polymers into the system to provide an additional layer of protection and increase its lifespan. This type of roofing is usually rolled on to the roof’s surface and heated with a blowtorch. The effect of this is that it creates a good seal on the roof. Also, modified bitumen is eco- friendly, all thanks to its reflective nature. Metal Metal has proven to be very durable when used on flat roofs and can last for up to 40 years without needing any repairs. The primary component of metal roofing which is tin-steel alloy gives it its durability, and these materials have practically been replaced with aluminum. So, if your option for your flat roof replacement today is metal, you will likely get an aluminum roof which would last for at least three decades. Spray Applied Coatings Spray applied coatings is a good flat roof replacement option because they can easily be applied directly to the roofing surface. Flat roofs usually have three basic options for their coatings; they include silicone, aluminum and acrylic coatings. All of these coatings come in liquid form and are applied directly onto the roof surface to cure once in place. This enables easy installation which helps to fight leaks. If you have a flat roof, the possibility of experiencing leaks at some point is very high. When that time comes, it is important to look for an experienced flat roof replacement firm to handle the repairs. LBCommercialRoofing is a leading name when it comes to carrying out flat roof replacement repairs in the USA. Our track record speaks volume of our experience. At LB Commercial Roofing.. we can provide you with… Commercial roof repair Flat roof replacement

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