Benefits Of Annual Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial roof replacement is a huge financial commitment, and provisions for it is rarely included in the budget. This is why annual commercial roof inspection is very important to help increase its lifespan. Annual inspections and regular maintenance help reduce the cost of repairs, leak frequency, and severity. It also helps to extend roof longevity, and also reduce managerial inadequacies.

However, commercial roof inspection is one aspect which most organizations tend to overlook. A commercial roof system is comparable to a car in the way that a car won’t perform to its maximum potential if its owner fails to perform the required routine maintenance such as regular oil change or tire rotations.

One of the major reasons why most organizations fail to carry out annual commercial roof inspection is that they feel if the roof isn’t leaking yet, then there is no need for repairs. This notion is very wrong, and risky too because if action is delayed until the roof starts leaking or damage becomes visible, then the cost of fixing the situation becomes double or triple.

Carrying out annual commercial roof inspection has its benefits, let’s check out some of them below;

Early Leak Detection

Annual commercial roof inspection helps to detect leaks and other problems early enough. This is important in maintaining a sound commercial roof, as leaks d travel laterally before visible signs of water stains starts showing on interior structures and surfaces. Also, water will exploit a leaky commercial roof, making a mess out of a small problem until you eventually need a commercial roof replacement. Having annual commercial roof inspections help to prevent such situations.

Helps To Assess Active Aging

Your commercial roof should be seen as having two unique ages, which are ;

1. The projected service life from the point of installations.

2. It’s real-time active aging on a daily basis

Carrying out annual inspections on your commercial roof is the only ways to help you assess its active aging, and also implement the required preventive measures and repairs needed to meet or exceed its projected lifespan.

Unlike the projected lifespan which in practice is only an average, your commercial roof’s active aging is determined using the following parameters;   

1.  The quality of installation

2.  The wear and tear it endures from the elements and human activity

3.   Regularly scheduled inspections

4.  The quality of preventive maintenance, repairs, and updates

Assess Storm-Protection Upgrades

Heavy ice, strewn debris, hail, wind-driven rain, felled tree limbs and branches and snow are key problems which your commercial roof will inevitably face. Annual inspection helps to prepare your commercial roof before the storm, or you might have to find someone for emergency repairs after the storm has cleared.

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